Royal College of Paediatrics
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The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) has over 15,000 members in the UK and abroad, including consultant paediatricians, community health doctors, trainee paediatricians, research workers, general practitioners and other medical specialists who work with children.

The College is responsible for training and examining thousands of paediatricians in the UK. It sets standards for professional and postgraduate medical education to ensure children and young people receive the highest possible standards of healthcare.

The RCPCH currently employs over 130 staff; a workforce that is undeniably its greatest asset. Most staff are based at the London headquarters, but there are also offices in Cardiff and Edinburgh.



The RCPCH were looking to upgrade their core IT infrastructure and server operating system, which included ageing physical servers with local direct attached storage. These problems led them to consult System Professional to find a new solution:

  1. Needing to consolidate their ageing physical server estate
  2. Lack of resilience and high availability for key IT systems
  3. Requiring shared storage with high performance
  4. Needing to upgrade their support Server /Exchange 2003 environment
  5. Needing to ensure VDI readiness


The RCPCH wanted their new IT supplier to design and implement a new virtual server infrastructure with current industry best practice, implement scalable, high performing shared storage, upgrade the existing Windows Server and Exchange 2003 systems to the latest version and recommend a new backup solution to replace the existing one.



As a leading Nimble Storage partner, System Professional recommended their hybrid storage technology as the ideal fit. Nimble Storage leverages the unique properties of flash and disk to deliver high performance and capacity, all within a single 3U appliance. Olly and Alan agreed that, “the Nimble Storage array offered an innovative storage solution that provided greater performance compared to other vendor offerings in our price range.” Overall, the solution created for RCPCH included:

  1. VMware vSphere server virtualisation
  2. Nimble Storage array
  3. HP ProLiant Servers
  4. Veeam
  5. MS Exchange 2010



With their new IT infrastructure in place, RCPCH now operate a resilient, high-performing hardware platform that makes a far more efficient use of resources. It is simpler to manage and administer on a day-to-day basis and provides a highly available application platform to users, reducing downtime. According to Alan and Olly, they now have:

  1. A reduced carbon footprint through server rationalization
  2. The ability to quickly provision new users and services
  3. Greater storage performance and capacity density
  4. Scalable infrastructure to manage future growth
  5. Improved backup speed, efficiency and a clear organisational strategy


“Although budget was a major factor, our preference was to go with a company that we felt understood our needs best and offered us the most flexible solution. Compared to other suppliers, System Professional demonstrated a clear understanding of the brief, met the initial budget restrictions and demonstrated a willingness to be flexible with the requirements. The work was completed on time with no issues. The whole implementation was undertaken professionally and was one of the smoothest upgrades I have experienced in 15 years. We anticipate a long relationship with System Professional based on the performance of the server upgrade and storage project.”

Olly Rice, Infrastructure and Operations Manager, The RCPCH

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