System Professional successfully complete VMware vSphere project

System Professional has successfully deployed an HP P4300 SAN and VMware vSphere storage and server virtualisation solution at The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge.

The new platform enables Fitzwilliam Museum to manage its rapidly expanding digital image database and ensure disaster recovery. A highly scalable storage platform with no single point of failure has eliminated capacity constraints and accelerated project and service delivery.

The Fitzwilliam Museum, the art and antiquities museum of the University of Cambridge, receives around 300,000 visitors annually and contains over half a million objects. A large proportion of its collections have been photographed and digitally stored to create a resource which represents a valuable income generator as part of the museum’s educational and research services. Over the last five years, the data volume associated with the photographic collection has increased from 100 GB to 2 TB, primarily due to the use of high-resolution digital photography, until 75 per cent of the museum’s storage requirements now relate to imagery.

“In the next five years we expect data volumes to increase exponentially,” says David Shaw, Acting Computing Manager at Fitzwilliam Museum. “The reliable, high-availability server and storage infrastructure from HP has ensured business continuity for our core IT systems. With the HP P4300 LeftHand Storage System in place, we have more than sufficient scale for the foreseeable future, and storage provisioning is a lot easier. The infrastructure also lowers our operational costs. One estimate indicates that we could see a 50 per cent reduction in power and cooling costs over the next five years.”

Deployed by System Professional Ltd, the new HP and VMware Infrastructure has created a heavily virtualised environment, consolidating the Fitzwilliam Museum’s IT estate by 57 per cent and lowering support costs. The platform is easily managed, releasing staff for more important project work.

Johnathan Wates, New Business Director at System Professional explained how “We implemented the solution in six days during normal business hours without any business disruption. This allowed the museum to start the data and application migration processes quickly. We’re convinced our ability to design and deliver similar HP solutions at Sussex Coast College and The Science Museum made us Fitzwilliam’s partner of choice.”

Chris Moss
Chris Moss is the Marketing Director for System Professional.

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